Links you might like

I said I would do this last week, and yet here these links still have not been… linked?

That last one reminds me – who’s up for Lost tonight?

Like a plastic bag when you ask for paper…

Jessica Hagy always does great work over at indexed, but every so often one is so sublime it paints a big grin on my face:

Target v Walmart

And don’t bother reading the comments. It’s a joke people, get over it. Now for those of you who can chuckle at that, check out the series of political cards she did over at McClatchy’s alt.campaign.

Girls With Slingshots

Much like my late discovery of Questionable Content, I have stumbled into the fanbase of Girls With Slingshots 3 years too late. Thankfully Scott Kurtz linked to it over on PvPonline, otherwise I may have missed this absolutely fun, witty, and just plain brilliant webcomic. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole, but I’ve also just read the first 116 strips in the past 24 hours as I attempt to get caught up. If it weren’t for work and a home life I’m sure I’d read the other 287 by tonight.

Who am I kidding – I’ll be done by tomorrow regardless.

Feeling a sudden urge of grrl power (hey, I did grow up with 6 sisters), I’m also giving Octopus Pie (and Wapsi Square – not that Paul is girly or anything) another look. Because what I really need in life is, you know, more websites to keep track of…