Links you might like

I said I would do this last week, and yet here these links still have not been… linked?

That last one reminds me – who’s up for Lost tonight?

7 thoughts on “Links you might like”

  1. Clerks was and is uber-lame. I’m hard-pressed to think of a filmmaker who’s gotten more mileage out of less in their career.

  2. Utah Saints is (are?) awesome. Both albums rank really high in my “worth listening to” list.

    And that mix? Hot damn! There’s gotta be an .mp3 out there somewhere for that! Now I just gotta find out where….

  3. I love PHD comics. We were all addicts in grad school. I forget to check it a lot, but I will go on kicks and read a whole bunch of them at once.

    I personally loved Clerks. But it’s probably mostly due to the Jersey connection. I like when I recognize things in movies :-).

  4. > mr Hanscom – try BeatPort yet?

    Nope, hadn’t heard of BeatPort before, actually. I did, however, do some bittorrent digging, and how have six mixes plus a high-quality rip of the video. Sweet!

  5. I didn’t even make it past the first paragraph of the CD article – if I hadn’t already given up on the music industry, I would have right about that point.

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