Girls With Slingshots

Much like my late discovery of Questionable Content, I have stumbled into the fanbase of Girls With Slingshots 3 years too late. Thankfully Scott Kurtz linked to it over on PvPonline, otherwise I may have missed this absolutely fun, witty, and just plain brilliant webcomic. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole, but I’ve also just read the first 116 strips in the past 24 hours as I attempt to get caught up. If it weren’t for work and a home life I’m sure I’d read the other 287 by tonight.

Who am I kidding – I’ll be done by tomorrow regardless.

Feeling a sudden urge of grrl power (hey, I did grow up with 6 sisters), I’m also giving Octopus Pie (and Wapsi Square – not that Paul is girly or anything) another look. Because what I really need in life is, you know, more websites to keep track of…