Back with a vengeance

After installing Red Hat 9 on my box, my primary DNS server (which technically I shouldn’t be using) failed. Or was shut off. I really don’t know or care. It stopped doing things for me freely. Then I had problems with the secondary box couldn’t get my machines to do it either. Finally I decided to check out what free DNS servers were out there. I ended up choosing by Purified Data dot Net. Aside from having the lamest names I’ve seen on the net, the service is working. After a weekend visiting my parents I was able to get everything back up and running.

This is actually the first chance I’ve had to see if my site survived the upgrade. It did! Now I can die happy… Just kidding.

The cool guy at Sam Goody

The Sam Goody in town has this one really cool guy that works there. Big, scruffy, long unkempt hair – looks like either a sci-fi geek or a metal fan. Probably both, but we got to talking way back when I picked up the second season of Star Trek: TNG. We chatted a while and he gave me the whole inside scoop on the upcoming Deep Space Nine DVD sets, which got him real excited.

Today, I stop in to pick up (what else?!?!) the new Family Guy collection. When he sees me, he tells me how dissappointed he is that I didn’t reserve it 🙂 After we talk about a few other releases he’s forced to actually help another customer. After answering a few questions he walks over to where I’m standing and says “Somedays I just want to die,” and then proceeds to grab a Drumline DVD for them. I almost hit the floor.

Now it’s time for me to enjoy The Family Guy and digital cable during this beautiful day!

those wacky ball players

I generally don’t follow baseball. It was a big love of my childhood, but I got sick of it as I grew up and the games got too long and the salaries went from ridiculous to … I’m not sure, does ludicrous come next? Anywho, I gained back a little bit of interest this year because my home-town Phillies ponied up some big money to buy some big players. So I’ve been checking out scores every so often, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this game has just gotten so damn wacky. I mean, the Phils win one night 15-3, and the next night lose 11-2. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. And on top of that, this beauty took place last night. That is the most … what’s the word? … retarded box score I’ve ever seen. They won 13-1, yet scored every run in the same inning? On top of that, they only had 9 hits!! At least I’m on the winning side of this one – not that I did much.

The Pitts

I can’t believe I’m watching The Pitts. What’s even worse is that I’m laughing at it. I really like the daughter – not only did she have a “relationship” with a VW Bug, but she just got a remote control that was out of her reach using the vacuum cleaner. Lizzy Caplan’s hot, even if she is only like 16 or 17. Alright, I really shouldn’t print that on the web, but that remote control scene was pretty frickin’ awesome. More politically correct, I like Kellie Waymire. She played a really cute girl (real hard for her to do) on Enterprise who even briefly got involved with my favorite alien, Dr. Phlox. This show won’t last long, but I’ll laugh at it for now.

“The high point of my day was raising money for a good cause. The low point – getting mauled.”
“Not being shot?”
– Dylan Baker and Kellie Waymire, The Pitts

Stop the insanity!

Uh-oh, the ridiculous reviews have spread to Netflix – the source of all my movies. For some reason I began reading the reviews on there for American Beauty – one of my absolute favorite movies. If you don’t like it, too bad, I think you really missed out on it. But some of the people on that site called in pornography, a celebration of pedophilia, and dark drama with no humor. You’re really missing the point of the movie there. On top of that, I found DD from MO 2 who claims that “Anyone who heaps lavish praise on this movie is a sheep to the Hollywood Studio hype-machine.” Ah, thanks for telling me why I liked it. Of course this is coming from a simpleton who gave Starship Troopers and Kingpin 5 stars while saying he didn’t laugh once at Dr. Strangelove.

I guess I’d just like to hear some more intelligent debate on some of these films. There were hundreds of 4 or 5 star reviews for American Beauty, many of which were rather lengthy and gave reasons behind enjoyment of the movie. On the other hand, the majority of the 1 star reviews basically said “This movie is trash and you are an immoral ape-monster if you think otherwise.” Ok, they might not have actually used the term “ape-monster,” but they were pretty scathing. It’s just hard having the only correct opinion on movies 🙂

“As a matter of fact, I ran into Simone on the lot the other day.”
“Really? She didn’t mention it.”
– Jay Mohr & Al Pacino, S1m0ne

I’m an American.. whether I like it or not

The Onion has a great article pointing out just how messed up things have gotten. Since when did it become policy that we only protest when it’s convenient? Oh, now that people are actually dying for this ridiculous war we’re not supposed to talk about how wrong we are. That makes a lot of sense. I’m really glad that in 2 years we won’t have to re-elect Herr Bush because we’ll have lost our right to vote by that time. Not that he was voted in the first time. America is currently run by a man who illegally gained power and has now illegally invaded another sovereign nation to forward the interest of his golf buddies.

I can say all this because I supposedly have the freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter that it’s wartime, I can still say what I like. I don’t care if I offend anybody – not that anybody’s reading this. I don’t want American troops to die. The best way for that to occur is to not put them in a senseless war that we have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO BE IN. Somehow that makes me un-American. To quote Eddie Vedder: “We’re just confused on how wanting to bring them back safely all of a sudden becomes nonsupport.”

How’s the economy in Canada these days?…