I’m an American.. whether I like it or not

The Onion has a great article pointing out just how messed up things have gotten. Since when did it become policy that we only protest when it’s convenient? Oh, now that people are actually dying for this ridiculous war we’re not supposed to talk about how wrong we are. That makes a lot of sense. I’m really glad that in 2 years we won’t have to re-elect Herr Bush because we’ll have lost our right to vote by that time. Not that he was voted in the first time. America is currently run by a man who illegally gained power and has now illegally invaded another sovereign nation to forward the interest of his golf buddies.

I can say all this because I supposedly have the freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter that it’s wartime, I can still say what I like. I don’t care if I offend anybody – not that anybody’s reading this. I don’t want American troops to die. The best way for that to occur is to not put them in a senseless war that we have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO BE IN. Somehow that makes me un-American. To quote Eddie Vedder: “We’re just confused on how wanting to bring them back safely all of a sudden becomes nonsupport.”

How’s the economy in Canada these days?…