those wacky ball players

I generally don’t follow baseball. It was a big love of my childhood, but I got sick of it as I grew up and the games got too long and the salaries went from ridiculous to … I’m not sure, does ludicrous come next? Anywho, I gained back a little bit of interest this year because my home-town Phillies ponied up some big money to buy some big players. So I’ve been checking out scores every so often, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this game has just gotten so damn wacky. I mean, the Phils win one night 15-3, and the next night lose 11-2. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. And on top of that, this beauty took place last night. That is the most … what’s the word? … retarded box score I’ve ever seen. They won 13-1, yet scored every run in the same inning? On top of that, they only had 9 hits!! At least I’m on the winning side of this one – not that I did much.