The cool guy at Sam Goody

The Sam Goody in town has this one really cool guy that works there. Big, scruffy, long unkempt hair – looks like either a sci-fi geek or a metal fan. Probably both, but we got to talking way back when I picked up the second season of Star Trek: TNG. We chatted a while and he gave me the whole inside scoop on the upcoming Deep Space Nine DVD sets, which got him real excited.

Today, I stop in to pick up (what else?!?!) the new Family Guy collection. When he sees me, he tells me how dissappointed he is that I didn’t reserve it 🙂 After we talk about a few other releases he’s forced to actually help another customer. After answering a few questions he walks over to where I’m standing and says “Somedays I just want to die,” and then proceeds to grab a Drumline DVD for them. I almost hit the floor.

Now it’s time for me to enjoy The Family Guy and digital cable during this beautiful day!