The Pitts

I can’t believe I’m watching The Pitts. What’s even worse is that I’m laughing at it. I really like the daughter – not only did she have a “relationship” with a VW Bug, but she just got a remote control that was out of her reach using the vacuum cleaner. Lizzy Caplan’s hot, even if she is only like 16 or 17. Alright, I really shouldn’t print that on the web, but that remote control scene was pretty frickin’ awesome. More politically correct, I like Kellie Waymire. She played a really cute girl (real hard for her to do) on Enterprise who even briefly got involved with my favorite alien, Dr. Phlox. This show won’t last long, but I’ll laugh at it for now.

“The high point of my day was raising money for a good cause. The low point – getting mauled.”
“Not being shot?”
– Dylan Baker and Kellie Waymire, The Pitts

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