Stop the insanity!

Uh-oh, the ridiculous reviews have spread to Netflix – the source of all my movies. For some reason I began reading the reviews on there for American Beauty – one of my absolute favorite movies. If you don’t like it, too bad, I think you really missed out on it. But some of the people on that site called in pornography, a celebration of pedophilia, and dark drama with no humor. You’re really missing the point of the movie there. On top of that, I found DD from MO 2 who claims that “Anyone who heaps lavish praise on this movie is a sheep to the Hollywood Studio hype-machine.” Ah, thanks for telling me why I liked it. Of course this is coming from a simpleton who gave Starship Troopers and Kingpin 5 stars while saying he didn’t laugh once at Dr. Strangelove.

I guess I’d just like to hear some more intelligent debate on some of these films. There were hundreds of 4 or 5 star reviews for American Beauty, many of which were rather lengthy and gave reasons behind enjoyment of the movie. On the other hand, the majority of the 1 star reviews basically said “This movie is trash and you are an immoral ape-monster if you think otherwise.” Ok, they might not have actually used the term “ape-monster,” but they were pretty scathing. It’s just hard having the only correct opinion on movies 🙂

“As a matter of fact, I ran into Simone on the lot the other day.”
“Really? She didn’t mention it.”
– Jay Mohr & Al Pacino, S1m0ne