More hangman

Ok, I just ripped through a bunch of games to top 30,000. My big win was with K-19: The Widowmaker – which I again got with just the blanks. Unfortunately I should have lost a bunch of points when I went to look up some possible solutions for STAR _ARS!

Movie Hangman

Alright, a new time waster. Box Office Mojo – one of my usual haunts for movie info – has just added a game that took about 5 minutes to addict me: Movie Hangman! In case you haven’t mastered the bleeding obvious (as I have), it’s an online version of hangman in which the answers are all movie titles. If you don’t know what hangman is, go back to elementary school :). Some of these can be really difficult and obscure (who here saw Pukar or Dha Dkan?). It ranges from the latest releases still in theaters to classic flicks to French titles for American b-movies. After every few rounds you get the chance for big bonus points by matching ratings, opening grosses, or net grosses to different films. If that sounds hard, you don’t clearly understand how hard it is. Which do you think made more it’s opening weekend: Hellraiser, In the Heat of the Night, Pacific Heights, or Annie? Do you remember what each is rated? If you don’t get them all right, you get nada!

It’s taken me less than a day to crack the top 500 out of over 2200 users. Not bad considering the top guys all have over 2000 plays so far (I’ve played over 100 times my self). I’ve also done it with a relatively high average of over 200 points a round. That’s been greatly helped by some spectacular guesses (I got E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial without any letters, just the spacing 🙂 ), and my good friend IMDb. I don’t consider it cheating, because that would mean that I’m cheating. Hehe, anywho, can’t wait ’til I’m #1!!

w00t! it’s WordPress

Alright, I temporarily abandoned the redesign of my website in order to “upgrade” the site to WordPress 0.7. WordPress is kinda taking over for b2 – at least it’s been named the official successor to the b2 code. There are other people who will probably be continuing the b2 code, but I think I want to stick with something that is centralized. I don’t really like the default look that much (at least not for my site) so that will have to change soon.

Crappiest Memorial Day

DoctorEvil68: what do you have going on for today?
indieb0i: sitting on my ass
DoctorEvil68: wooha
indieb0i: it will prolly take all day

DoctorEvil68: if it does not take all day, then you are doing it wrong
indieb0i: hehe

Down with the Lakers!!!

I generally don’t hate many sports teams no matter how good they get or how often they beat my teams. I mean, there are some that are evil incarnate, but for the most part I simply cheer on for good games and hope that rival teams lose. But I make a strong exception int the case of the LA Lakers. I have never despised a team so much. They are full of such utter arrogance and disrespect towards the rest of the league. It was an absolute delight to seem them completely humiliated on their home court by the Spurs.

Come on. Phil Jackson is such a prick, claiming one minute to be some kind of Zen master and then turning around and making fun of his opponents the next. Shaq is the worst of them all. He will unfortunately go down as one of the greatest players in the game when he should actually foul out of every game by the half. Make me 7’2″ and 350 pounds and I’ll dominate the lane, too. Kobe is someone whose skills I actually admire, but talks so much trash he irritates me. The guy’s from Philly, I’d love to be a fan of his!

At this point in time I don’t really care if the Sixers advance because at least the Lakers are gone. I really liked Mike Kahn’s breakdown of why they failed. He makes a lot of good points, and so did some of the fans on the message boards. It’s good to see a crapass “dynasty” go down!

P.S.(I really do want the Sixers to advance. Me and my roommate decided we’d get tix to see them play the Nets if they do!)

Personal Velocity

I forgot to mention this film the other day as I haven’t written lately. Personal Velocity is an odd film to watch and ponder. It’s broken up into three relatively unrelated segments that each tells the story of a woman trying to overcome difficulties in her life, whether self-imposed or a product of her environment. There is Delia, trapped in an abusive relationship, Greta, who ponders a new career that could change her whole life, and Paula, a runaway contemplating fate after escaping a tragic accident.

This is a film that has the feel of a book – largely due to the rather heavy narration. Often that type of narration hampers the flow of a movie and acts as nothing more than an explanation for those who can’t follow the plot; however, in this case, the voice over is one of a poetic guide merely showing us what lies before us – forcing the audience to draw their own conclusions. Such a demand upon the viewer is important in Personal Velocity as the stories do not necessarily paint the picture you might expect.

Overall I would say this was a beautiful, personally-introspective film that earned it’s accolades and is well worth the time spent watching it. I’m not sure if that’s a 4 or 5 star or 1 and a half thumbs or what kind of a rating. I’ll have to figure that out later.

X-2 rawkin’ da house!!

Forget to mention – X-2 rawks! I mean, that pretty much goes without saying. It’s an awesome action flick that totally lived up to it’s predecessor. I’m a big X-Men fan, and I was so excited by the original and how well they actually portrayed the comic book. These movies aren’t classics that will be preserved for future generations, or anything like that. What they are, is a whole lotta fun. The opening scene with Nightcrawler was just beyond cool. And the quick shot of Colossus transforming was everything I hoped for. But of course, the best parts were the fights with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman fits the part so well. And yes, there are some grey areas where things don’t completely match the comics or don’t even come close, but it’s forgivable. I mean honestly, when my biggest complaint is that Colossus didn’t have a Russian accent (for his maybe 4 lines), they didn’t do too bad. Go see it. Now! I mean it!!