Personal Velocity

I forgot to mention this film the other day as I haven’t written lately. Personal Velocity is an odd film to watch and ponder. It’s broken up into three relatively unrelated segments that each tells the story of a woman trying to overcome difficulties in her life, whether self-imposed or a product of her environment. There is Delia, trapped in an abusive relationship, Greta, who ponders a new career that could change her whole life, and Paula, a runaway contemplating fate after escaping a tragic accident.

This is a film that has the feel of a book – largely due to the rather heavy narration. Often that type of narration hampers the flow of a movie and acts as nothing more than an explanation for those who can’t follow the plot; however, in this case, the voice over is one of a poetic guide merely showing us what lies before us – forcing the audience to draw their own conclusions. Such a demand upon the viewer is important in Personal Velocity as the stories do not necessarily paint the picture you might expect.

Overall I would say this was a beautiful, personally-introspective film that earned it’s accolades and is well worth the time spent watching it. I’m not sure if that’s a 4 or 5 star or 1 and a half thumbs or what kind of a rating. I’ll have to figure that out later.