Movie Hangman

Alright, a new time waster. Box Office Mojo – one of my usual haunts for movie info – has just added a game that took about 5 minutes to addict me: Movie Hangman! In case you haven’t mastered the bleeding obvious (as I have), it’s an online version of hangman in which the answers are all movie titles. If you don’t know what hangman is, go back to elementary school :). Some of these can be really difficult and obscure (who here saw Pukar or Dha Dkan?). It ranges from the latest releases still in theaters to classic flicks to French titles for American b-movies. After every few rounds you get the chance for big bonus points by matching ratings, opening grosses, or net grosses to different films. If that sounds hard, you don’t clearly understand how hard it is. Which do you think made more it’s opening weekend: Hellraiser, In the Heat of the Night, Pacific Heights, or Annie? Do you remember what each is rated? If you don’t get them all right, you get nada!

It’s taken me less than a day to crack the top 500 out of over 2200 users. Not bad considering the top guys all have over 2000 plays so far (I’ve played over 100 times my self). I’ve also done it with a relatively high average of over 200 points a round. That’s been greatly helped by some spectacular guesses (I got E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial without any letters, just the spacing 🙂 ), and my good friend IMDb. I don’t consider it cheating, because that would mean that I’m cheating. Hehe, anywho, can’t wait ’til I’m #1!!