Down with the Lakers!!!

I generally don’t hate many sports teams no matter how good they get or how often they beat my teams. I mean, there are some that are evil incarnate, but for the most part I simply cheer on for good games and hope that rival teams lose. But I make a strong exception int the case of the LA Lakers. I have never despised a team so much. They are full of such utter arrogance and disrespect towards the rest of the league. It was an absolute delight to seem them completely humiliated on their home court by the Spurs.

Come on. Phil Jackson is such a prick, claiming one minute to be some kind of Zen master and then turning around and making fun of his opponents the next. Shaq is the worst of them all. He will unfortunately go down as one of the greatest players in the game when he should actually foul out of every game by the half. Make me 7’2″ and 350 pounds and I’ll dominate the lane, too. Kobe is someone whose skills I actually admire, but talks so much trash he irritates me. The guy’s from Philly, I’d love to be a fan of his!

At this point in time I don’t really care if the Sixers advance because at least the Lakers are gone. I really liked Mike Kahn’s breakdown of why they failed. He makes a lot of good points, and so did some of the fans on the message boards. It’s good to see a crapass “dynasty” go down!

P.S.(I really do want the Sixers to advance. Me and my roommate decided we’d get tix to see them play the Nets if they do!)