X-2 rawkin’ da house!!

Forget to mention – X-2 rawks! I mean, that pretty much goes without saying. It’s an awesome action flick that totally lived up to it’s predecessor. I’m a big X-Men fan, and I was so excited by the original and how well they actually portrayed the comic book. These movies aren’t classics that will be preserved for future generations, or anything like that. What they are, is a whole lotta fun. The opening scene with Nightcrawler was just beyond cool. And the quick shot of Colossus transforming was everything I hoped for. But of course, the best parts were the fights with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman fits the part so well. And yes, there are some grey areas where things don’t completely match the comics or don’t even come close, but it’s forgivable. I mean honestly, when my biggest complaint is that Colossus didn’t have a Russian accent (for his maybe 4 lines), they didn’t do too bad. Go see it. Now! I mean it!!