Happy Anniversary to Me

I guess today would be the real anniversary of this site. I first registered this domain back in 1999, and after years of having nothing but a stupid holding page I finally tried out b2 at the end of 2002. The first install was never really used and come January of 2003 I reloaded with the latest version and dubbed the blog “indieb0i’s rants”. But in truth, it wasn’t until almost a month and a half later that I put together my first real post.

While I’ve been somewhat erratic, February 26th marks the start of my first real “conrtibution” to the ol’ triple W. I wish I had something more interesting to say about this, but perhaps my post tomorrow regarding the Internet, job security, and privacy will delve a bit deeper. For now I’ll just sing three cheers for myself for having kept this up for a year.