3 thoughts on “CSS Templates”

  1. BAH! ORANGE! 🙂 I like the new site design – and the comment window no longer gets hidden under the right-most menu 😀 Now I have no excuses for my typos…

  2. Ummm…. you may want to check the site out in some alternate browsers, like Firefox, or Mozilla…. the white section doesn’t flow all the way down to the bottom of the content. It fills the space visible w/o scrolling, but then that’s it. Renders the remainder unreadable.


  3. Whew, got scared there for a second. The problem isn’t with the CSS, it’s actually some errors that come up sometime that I am still investigating. If you hit refresh a couple times the errors at the top should disappear and then the white will go down to the bottom.

    Thanks for checking, that’ll just push me harder to clear up those errors. The funny thing is I only use Firefox, but I occasionally check the site in Mozilla and IE. If anyone ever notices other design bugs (especially if using other browsers) feel free to let me know.

    P.S. I finally realized that the stupid bug was my own fault – forgot to give the correct permissions to a file. What a dumbass 😛

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