Ralph Nader is a big fat poopie head

I think my headline basically sums up the latest campaign news. The man is such a self-serving ass that it’s hard to believe he was once a champion for consumer rights. Now he just wants his name to be on all of the ballots so that he can try to weasel another 4 years of Bush out of us. What kind of a moron is he? There is no way that Nader can actually believe that he is helping our political system or the people of this country in anyway. I think these various quotes about his entry clearly shows that only Republicans support Nader.

I just hope that he is truly humiliated in this election and both Kerry (or Edwards) and Bush really poke fun at him the whole time. Then again, Bush’ll support him seeing as how he teamed up with Jeb to give him the last election 😛 .

3 thoughts on “Ralph Nader is a big fat poopie head”

  1. No good can come of this… :p I really don’t any more things to worry about this year. It’s going to give me enough of an ulcer as it is.

  2. I really don’t any more things to worry about this year.
    Which reminds me – is there any way for me to go back and edit a comment? Say, in the event that I forget a word somewhere? 🙂

  3. I can go back and edit the comments. You possibly could if you registered for the site, but I’m not sure as I’ve never tried it (I’m the admin so I can do anything 😛 ). Generally I leave them alone so everybody can be equally embarassed by their lack of writing skills 🙂

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