Off she goes

I drove Lisa to the train station this morning. She heads out for about two weeks of fun and sun in Florida and the Bahamas. Our initial plans were to take the PATH train in, but as usual we ran late and I just decided to drive to Penn Station in Manhattan. On weekends that drive can be pretty easy, and we really had no problem getting there with plenty of time to spare. The only real problem was my total lack of concentration driving back. I managed to drive right through a red light in the middle of the block in front of that big Post Office behind Madison Square Garden. Whoops! Fortunately no police officers saw my mental lapse there and I quickly hurried back to the safety of this side of the river. Now I have two weeks of eating meat and playing video games to look forward to 🙂 .

2 thoughts on “Off she goes”

  1. Well get to it boy, those games won’t just play themselves! They need your help!

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