Upgrade without an upgrade

To go along with the great server upgrade of 2004, I started to reload my desktop PC last night. I’ve been having problems with the USB subsystem for sometime and decided that my computer is pretty useless if I can’t download my pictures from my camera – especially since I got you know what on Wednesday (sample pictures to be posted tonight). I have thoroughly beaten that computer thanks to constant downloading of crap. My evergrowing collection of stupid TV shows has had a negative effect on the performance of my hard drives, so a reload seemed like just the solution.

She’s back up by now, and most of the little things are installed already. Unfortunately I didn’t start until almost midnight, so I have to finish tonight. One thing I’m looking forward to is installing some games. I know Lisa won’t be happy, but I’d like to play some Civ3 again. And maybe install The Sims for both of us to play around with. There’s even been some talk of shooting amongst the roomies. The point is I want to have fun with my computer and again – and also finally update my gallery (sorry Patricia 😉 ).

I’m hoping this will also all lead to more significant improvements in my work on this website. Afterall, this is the 33rd post this month – easily breaking last month’s earth-shattering record. Then again, I have to start looking forward to the end of July, when Lisa and I will be moving and the status of my server is suddenly up in the air!

I am so Rock ‘n’ Roll

Lisa and I spent most of the night at the OpenMic. Danya was fantastic, and a number of friends and unexpected performers dropped by to make a wonderful go of it. More importanly, Lisa actually took the stage for a pair of songs. It’s always a pleasure to hear her sing – it reminds me of how talented she is and her of how much everybody else loves to hear it.

I planned on writing a full review of the proceedings, however it turned out that Danya needed a place to stay for the night since she couldn’t get a hold of her friend in the city. Lisa was nice enough to offer my place 😛 . It’s not a big deal, and I’m more than happy to let her stay here. I’m just wondering what Brian’s reaction will be to finding an attractive, young stranger asleep on our couch 😉 ! Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow (today) to go into more detail.

Update without an update

Sunday night I finally took out ye olde server and laid a great big upgrade on her. I got sick of the SCSI CD drive and crappy tape backup drive causing problems, so I just chucked them. In went the original IDE unit, and oh-so quickly was I booting the Fedora Core 2 discs. There are some bugs to iron out, but so far everything is pretty hunky-dory.

I also took advantage of my downtime to install the final release of WordPress 1.2 “Mingus”. I’m guessing Matt’s love of Jazz influenced that name 🙂 . After some really strange lack of content errors were cleared up (I honestly have no idea what happened) everything seems to be running fine over here, too.

This is my first “real” post since the upgrade, so I’m curious to see if switching over to Ping-o-Matic! really does speed up the posting process. I feel really lame not having written anything worthwhile lately, but I promise to have some real updates soon. There’s a number of movie and music reviews for me to slap you with, and I haven’t even talked about the Art and Music Fest from last week.

Also, don’t forget Danya River tonight at Rodeo-Ristra. And even more important – Bubba Ho-Tep is released on DVD today!


Looks like a new company is starting a service for listeners to download live shows immediately after the fact at small clubs. It’s a cheap and easy way for bands to promote themselves, and for fans to gain instant satisfaction without all that bulky bootlegging gear. Best of all, the first kiosk was just installed last Friday at none other than Maxwell’s.

I like the idea, although I’d rather them drop the price-per-show to somewhere around $5. Although I guess it needs to be at least $10 to make up for how much they’ll lose via sharing (if I go to a how with 6 people, only one of us will end up buying it). With a lot of good shows coming up this summer I’ll be sure to give it a spin and let you all know.

(via Thoughts from Eric)

Jon Stewart, Master of Ceremonies

For those who missed it (myself included) William & Mary have Jon Stewart’s fantastic commencement address online. Stewart is obviously a brilliant comedian; but more than that, he is a very real person. His commentary and advice on life touches on both the humor and tragedy of this world. His overtly sarcastic tone is one to be taken with a grain of salt (followed by a shot of tequila and maybe a squirt of lemon). Anywho, this is the kind of speech that college grads should get to hear at every graduation.

How to lose all credibility

Seriously, it’s a simple two step process to make yourself look like a media-pandering flock of fools as opposed to a highly-touted critical judicial system.

Step one: Give the top prize to a controversial movie. In and of itself this step is perfectly legitimate. It is entirely conceivable that film with the most media hoopla over ill-begotten controversy is indeed the best film. Until I see Faranheit 911 I cannot say for certain. However, it’s the followup that does you in.

Step two: Come out publicly and defend your choice. The instant you jump on defense in a situation like this means you’ve lost. They made a questionable decision (at least in many people’s minds), but it was still their decision to make. The jury at Cannes has never spoken about its decisions, and doing so now merely lends credence to opinions that this was a political move.

All I can say is that everything about this film has been a total muckup, and I would be amazed to see it have any real impact at this point. Moore continually makes himself closer and closer to being the Left’s version of Ann Coulter.

And so it is done…

I finally decided it was time to make the pruchase. Last night I finally swung on by Harmony Computers and placed an order for my next camera. It’s well past the time for me to graduate to digital SLR, and I just couldn’t put it off any longer. I really want to be able to expand my photography skills this summer. Lisa and I will probably do some hiking, or at least some walking, in the next month or so – and I’m sure we’ll stumble upon some beautiful scenery.

The real fear is that this comes shortly after the purchase of my new monitor. I’ll post some pictures of all my new toys as they start rolling in – after all, I’m also waiting for my new DivX-enabled DVD player to come in.

One step closer

The team over at WordPress is smoothing out the kinks from its last release candidate and has just put out WP 1.2 RC2. I’ve become rather good with the whole upgrade process (and I backup the database on a regularly scheduled basis now), so the site is already up and running the latest. Not that many of you care, but the TrackBack/PingBack functions in the last one were screwy and this post will help me test them out. Here goes nothing…