Upgrade without an upgrade

To go along with the great server upgrade of 2004, I started to reload my desktop PC last night. I’ve been having problems with the USB subsystem for sometime and decided that my computer is pretty useless if I can’t download my pictures from my camera – especially since I got you know what on Wednesday (sample pictures to be posted tonight). I have thoroughly beaten that computer thanks to constant downloading of crap. My evergrowing collection of stupid TV shows has had a negative effect on the performance of my hard drives, so a reload seemed like just the solution.

She’s back up by now, and most of the little things are installed already. Unfortunately I didn’t start until almost midnight, so I have to finish tonight. One thing I’m looking forward to is installing some games. I know Lisa won’t be happy, but I’d like to play some Civ3 again. And maybe install The Sims for both of us to play around with. There’s even been some talk of shooting amongst the roomies. The point is I want to have fun with my computer and again – and also finally update my gallery (sorry Patricia 😉 ).

I’m hoping this will also all lead to more significant improvements in my work on this website. Afterall, this is the 33rd post this month – easily breaking last month’s earth-shattering record. Then again, I have to start looking forward to the end of July, when Lisa and I will be moving and the status of my server is suddenly up in the air!

2 thoughts on “Upgrade without an upgrade”

  1. If you lose the static IP, you can still host your server at home:


    Paul uses that for his server at home. It keeps tabs on your provider so when they update your IP they do the same. It’s pretty cool.

  2. It’s not just the static IP thing – a lot of companies will simply block the server ports. I basically had a static IP with Cablevision before I had this one setup (since I almost never rebooted my server), but then they started blocking port 25 and 80 anyway, which killed any real use outside of remote connections. It all depends on what area we move into. I’d certainly like to keep my local server, but I know things will probably change.

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