Update without an update

Sunday night I finally took out ye olde server and laid a great big upgrade on her. I got sick of the SCSI CD drive and crappy tape backup drive causing problems, so I just chucked them. In went the original IDE unit, and oh-so quickly was I booting the Fedora Core 2 discs. There are some bugs to iron out, but so far everything is pretty hunky-dory.

I also took advantage of my downtime to install the final release of WordPress 1.2 “Mingus”. I’m guessing Matt’s love of Jazz influenced that name 🙂 . After some really strange lack of content errors were cleared up (I honestly have no idea what happened) everything seems to be running fine over here, too.

This is my first “real” post since the upgrade, so I’m curious to see if switching over to Ping-o-Matic! really does speed up the posting process. I feel really lame not having written anything worthwhile lately, but I promise to have some real updates soon. There’s a number of movie and music reviews for me to slap you with, and I haven’t even talked about the Art and Music Fest from last week.

Also, don’t forget Danya River tonight at Rodeo-Ristra. And even more important – Bubba Ho-Tep is released on DVD today!