Andy Kaufman Returns After Faking Death – Not As Funny As The Mighty Mouse Thing

Um, I really don’t know what to say. Random IM link courtesy of the dj rekall points me to a story on the return of Andy Kaufman. “But he’s dead,” you say! Andy’s “official” site claims it was all a gag – even his parents were actors. More confusing, however, is why now rather than 5 years ago when the movie came out. Even more confusing is why he would bother to comeback when he claims to want to remain private. And even still more confusing is whether or note anybody cares!

Not a handle

I’m not to fond of warning labels. They have a tendency to tell you something bleeding obvious (Preperation H: Not to be taken orally!) or something that is more of a suggestion to avoid legal hassles (Spare Tire: Do not drive over 35mph!). I’m sorry, but eventually everyone needs to stand on that last rung of the ladder, you know, the nonstep (I do, however, love labeling things by what they are not – more on that later). But today I definitely found an appropriately made warning.

You know those metal bars on some computer case (in an older Dell, for instance)? The ones that say “NOT A HANDLE!” Yeah, those ones. They’re serious. If you try to lift a computer by one, you too may find yourself missing skin from various knuckles. No real harm, but I hate dripping blood on computer parts, and it left the metal bar with little purpose left in life except to hit myself over the head in a vain attempt at asking “Why am I so stupid?” Oh well, I guess it’s something we must all learn.

I’m thinking of changing the site around. I may be offering more content at in the coming months, so I felt that maybe the blog should be moved off the main page. It will probably just be called or something like that, although this post has possibly inspired a title change for the blog, too. Hmm, much pondering is to follow.

UPDATE: Humorously, today I just came across an old entry from Kitta detailing her own experiences with warning labels.

CPUKILLER: Mad Stoppin’ Powaz!

I have lamented many times that my shiny new fast computer ruins the games of yesteryear. And considering how quickly I tend to dismiss modern games (NFL Street anyone?), I would love a program that would help me play those old games once again. Courtesy of Lockergnome I now know of THE CPUKILLER, which, while not the true 386 emulator I hope for, should aid me in not running Roger Wilco off cliffs all the time!

I’ll be reloading my desktop sometime soon (too many USB problems), and I’ll be sure to check it out then.

Smack the Penguin Redux

It seemed appropriate to post a follow-up to my most popular entry ever. For those of you who haven’t seen the final version yet, Brian sent me a link to the Official Yeti Sports webpage. It includes 3 new games aside from a “professional looking” version of the original penguin smacker. If you’re interested in more info on this silly game, Andrew from has written a history of the game and also links to a site kind enough to archive all versions of the game. So smack away!

Ten Years of Your Life

One of the most intriguing sites I’ve come across lately is Matthew Haughey’s photoblog, Ten Years of My Life. It is a very simple, yet briliant project of posting a single photo (along with a description) every day for 10 years. His photos touch upon everything from the beautiful to the absurd. Some of them may even hit you in a more personal way than you would imagine.

Matt also happens to be the founder of Metafilter, but don’t hold that against him 😉 .

There’s music in the air

Thanks to the threat of rain last time, the Hoboken Art and Music Festival will be this Sunday, rain or shine. The weather reports have been changing regularly, but my money is on a gorgeous day with maybe a quick shower or two. Fortunately, I just read the best news today. Since Donovan had to play on the 2nd inspite of the postponement (he flew in from Ireland afterall) they needed to find a new headliner. And of course there just happens to be a famous local musician who is always willing to play the festival. That’s right, Patti Smith (whom I’ve seen perform on the main stage twice before) will be on at 4:45 in front of City Hall this Sunday. So come out and enjoy one of the coolest festivals around, filled with arts, crafts, good food, and great music.

I will be promoting some upcoming performances from the locals on this site, but first I want to talk about a not-so-local. A few months back, Boulder, CO native Danya River performed at the ArtKore OpenMic. Since it happened to be Lisa’s last night hosting, I was not only present, but with cameras in tow. To put it simply, she was wonderful. There was a magical air about her as she performed beautiful, artistic folk melodies. Her voice is reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, although she does not sound derivative. Needless to say I picked up a copy of her CD for both myself and Lisa.

Unfortunately, hailing from that great square state far to the right (ok, it’s more of a rectangle), I figured she probably wouldn’t be around again anytime soon, but a recent e-mail proved me wrong once again. Since I didn’t get to spread the word her first time around, let me point you to her tour page and urge you to check out one of her performances while she’s here. At the very least I will catch her feature at the OpenMic on the 25th, although I’d like to also make it to either her show tomorrow night in Nutley or on Monday at the Bitter End.

So there’s a lot of good things coming up, and I’ll try to keep you all informed. Hope to see some of you there!

And the world of blogging was never the same

WordPress has now hit release candidate status with their 1.2 version, and I will be upgrading my server shortly. The developers are very excited about this one, and so am I. Hopefully added features like subcategories and user commenting will help me organize this site far better than I have in the past.

Humorously this announcement comes just after one of the most popular blogging packages announced a major change in their licensing that will undoubtedly screw most of their users. I’ve got no problem paying for quality software (and this news will most likely prompt me to make another donation to WP), but the actions of Six Apart in this instance have been rather untrustworthy. From lying to their paying customers about free upgrades and converting promised features into another commercial product to stranding beta testers and severely limiting the free version that so many have become dependent on, it’s no wonder there are nearly 500 mostly negative reponse’s on Mena’s blog.

And as a side note to you elitist shits at /.: Your inane comments and pointless discussions filled with patting each other on the back and smugly acting as though your opinions matter or have any true relevance have done far more damage to the Internet than a million blogs about how some guy deals with his cat’s vomit ever could.

Frasier says goodbye with class

I haven’t watched Frasier regularly for years, but I always considered it one of the best shows to be on TV. They assembled a great cast of characters, and managed to combine elements of slapstick, witty banter, and even some drama. Their comedy reminded me of a modern day Marx Brothers troupe. I’ll never forget episodes with such setups as Frasier not knowing if he’s on a date or business dinner, Niles dressing up like Jesus, or nobody believing Frasier was seeing a model. The writers and actors had a fantastic sense of chemistry and timing, and it’s a shame to see a show like that leave us.

Lisa and I watched the final episode, and it’s safe to say that it kicked the final episode of Friends‘ ass. Seriously, it was one of the best finales ever. While both shows did wonderful jobs with the clips (they reminded me how long I had watched Frasier as well as how many good seasons Friends actually had). But the Friends episode seemed cold and calculated, as they tried to tie up loose ends that had been left loose way too long. I laughed a little bit, but for the most part it was like “Come one, get over yourselves and just move on!” Frasier instead focused on the unknown future that was coming for these characters. They managed to pull off another funny yet touching show in the tradition they had created.

I find it odd that I am writing this because, as I said, I haven’t really followed the show for years. It just goes to show how well done the finale was. It actually reminds me of, now don’t laugh, the finale for Deep Space Nine. I was impressed on that show that they managed to give endings for every character in a way that left their future wide open. It was an appropriate way to say “Even though we won’t get to see it, there is still more to come for these characters.” I doubt anything for years will come close to the perfectly setup closing for Frasier as he embarks on a new adventure, much like the rest of his companions. Afterall, a show like that is all about the possibilities, so it is apt that we know where he is headed but left to our imaginations as to the results when he arrives.

There’s a reason liberals are considered intellectual

I am not truly a liberal. I am much more libertarian in political terms and actually lean a tad conservative in my personal beliefs. However I feel a tad more kin towards liberals as I am rather tolerant of people’s lifestyles and choices – something that does not go over well with the Republican Party. But since I see Democracy as one of the worst scams in man’s history, this is really neither here nor there.

I don’t have anything personally against conservatives in general, however lately I have been reading nothing but pure hatred and lie-infested doublespeak from the right. It has gotten to the point that I am beginning to despise the very though of someone support Bush or this damn war. As a matter of fact, as a even more accusations of prisoner abuse abound I find it difficult to even claim support of the troops over there. I’m sure a lot of them feel like they are doing the right thing and defending out freedom, but more and more I feel like I want no part of any of it… if that even makes sense.

This came up the other day as moronic debates over nuking the entire region started to rise up on the Eagles’ Message Board. It just sickened me. Unfortunately I was then foolish enough to read through some of the Bush – Cheney 2004 LJ Community. After going through many of their postings and comments I came to the realization that most of them were just outright ignorant bastards without an ounce of common sense or the ability to think on their own. It was like reading a debate written by 6 year-olds. I know it’s unfair to judge all Republicans, etc. based on the calibur of discussion that goes on at Livejournal, but it makes it very difficult to tolerate anybody when you hear the type of vitriolic, inane prattle that these hate-mongers spew.

Glad I got that off of my chest. For now I will probably try to avoid any type of political discussions, because if I hear another moron claim that Kerry actually supports Bin Laden, my head might explode. I’m just tired of beng angry…