I am so Rock ‘n’ Roll

Lisa and I spent most of the night at the OpenMic. Danya was fantastic, and a number of friends and unexpected performers dropped by to make a wonderful go of it. More importanly, Lisa actually took the stage for a pair of songs. It’s always a pleasure to hear her sing – it reminds me of how talented she is and her of how much everybody else loves to hear it.

I planned on writing a full review of the proceedings, however it turned out that Danya needed a place to stay for the night since she couldn’t get a hold of her friend in the city. Lisa was nice enough to offer my place 😛 . It’s not a big deal, and I’m more than happy to let her stay here. I’m just wondering what Brian’s reaction will be to finding an attractive, young stranger asleep on our couch 😉 ! Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow (today) to go into more detail.

2 thoughts on “I am so Rock ‘n’ Roll”

  1. I was wondering who that was. I felt bad searching under the coffee table for my shoes while she was sleeping. If she happened to notice I’d just like to apologize 😛

  2. Hehe, maybe that’s what she heard this morning! I figured I would talk to you before you left and explain, but I missed you. I was more concerned about Brian, but he wrote her a little note this morning apologizing for waking her.

    I was going to IM him to let him know about the situation – then I remembered that his computer was in the living room anyway!

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