How to lose all credibility

Seriously, it’s a simple two step process to make yourself look like a media-pandering flock of fools as opposed to a highly-touted critical judicial system.

Step one: Give the top prize to a controversial movie. In and of itself this step is perfectly legitimate. It is entirely conceivable that film with the most media hoopla over ill-begotten controversy is indeed the best film. Until I see Faranheit 911 I cannot say for certain. However, it’s the followup that does you in.

Step two: Come out publicly and defend your choice. The instant you jump on defense in a situation like this means you’ve lost. They made a questionable decision (at least in many people’s minds), but it was still their decision to make. The jury at Cannes has never spoken about its decisions, and doing so now merely lends credence to opinions that this was a political move.

All I can say is that everything about this film has been a total muckup, and I would be amazed to see it have any real impact at this point. Moore continually makes himself closer and closer to being the Left’s version of Ann Coulter.