And the world of blogging was never the same

WordPress has now hit release candidate status with their 1.2 version, and I will be upgrading my server shortly. The developers are very excited about this one, and so am I. Hopefully added features like subcategories and user commenting will help me organize this site far better than I have in the past.

Humorously this announcement comes just after one of the most popular blogging packages announced a major change in their licensing that will undoubtedly screw most of their users. I’ve got no problem paying for quality software (and this news will most likely prompt me to make another donation to WP), but the actions of Six Apart in this instance have been rather untrustworthy. From lying to their paying customers about free upgrades and converting promised features into another commercial product to stranding beta testers and severely limiting the free version that so many have become dependent on, it’s no wonder there are nearly 500 mostly negative reponse’s on Mena’s blog.

And as a side note to you elitist shits at /.: Your inane comments and pointless discussions filled with patting each other on the back and smugly acting as though your opinions matter or have any true relevance have done far more damage to the Internet than a million blogs about how some guy deals with his cat’s vomit ever could.

One thought on “And the world of blogging was never the same”

  1. A little earth quake in the blogging scene. Funny how it build up and finally exploded into the face of SixApart. I can imagine them sitting around in a briefing room and wondering what they have done wrong?!?! I am sure Mena’s blog is setting a record these days for the most negative trackback in history … 😉

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