Not a handle

I’m not to fond of warning labels. They have a tendency to tell you something bleeding obvious (Preperation H: Not to be taken orally!) or something that is more of a suggestion to avoid legal hassles (Spare Tire: Do not drive over 35mph!). I’m sorry, but eventually everyone needs to stand on that last rung of the ladder, you know, the nonstep (I do, however, love labeling things by what they are not – more on that later). But today I definitely found an appropriately made warning.

You know those metal bars on some computer case (in an older Dell, for instance)? The ones that say “NOT A HANDLE!” Yeah, those ones. They’re serious. If you try to lift a computer by one, you too may find yourself missing skin from various knuckles. No real harm, but I hate dripping blood on computer parts, and it left the metal bar with little purpose left in life except to hit myself over the head in a vain attempt at asking “Why am I so stupid?” Oh well, I guess it’s something we must all learn.

I’m thinking of changing the site around. I may be offering more content at in the coming months, so I felt that maybe the blog should be moved off the main page. It will probably just be called or something like that, although this post has possibly inspired a title change for the blog, too. Hmm, much pondering is to follow.

UPDATE: Humorously, today I just came across an old entry from Kitta detailing her own experiences with warning labels.