There’s music in the air

Thanks to the threat of rain last time, the Hoboken Art and Music Festival will be this Sunday, rain or shine. The weather reports have been changing regularly, but my money is on a gorgeous day with maybe a quick shower or two. Fortunately, I just read the best news today. Since Donovan had to play on the 2nd inspite of the postponement (he flew in from Ireland afterall) they needed to find a new headliner. And of course there just happens to be a famous local musician who is always willing to play the festival. That’s right, Patti Smith (whom I’ve seen perform on the main stage twice before) will be on at 4:45 in front of City Hall this Sunday. So come out and enjoy one of the coolest festivals around, filled with arts, crafts, good food, and great music.

I will be promoting some upcoming performances from the locals on this site, but first I want to talk about a not-so-local. A few months back, Boulder, CO native Danya River performed at the ArtKore OpenMic. Since it happened to be Lisa’s last night hosting, I was not only present, but with cameras in tow. To put it simply, she was wonderful. There was a magical air about her as she performed beautiful, artistic folk melodies. Her voice is reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, although she does not sound derivative. Needless to say I picked up a copy of her CD for both myself and Lisa.

Unfortunately, hailing from that great square state far to the right (ok, it’s more of a rectangle), I figured she probably wouldn’t be around again anytime soon, but a recent e-mail proved me wrong once again. Since I didn’t get to spread the word her first time around, let me point you to her tour page and urge you to check out one of her performances while she’s here. At the very least I will catch her feature at the OpenMic on the 25th, although I’d like to also make it to either her show tomorrow night in Nutley or on Monday at the Bitter End.

So there’s a lot of good things coming up, and I’ll try to keep you all informed. Hope to see some of you there!