There’s a reason liberals are considered intellectual

I am not truly a liberal. I am much more libertarian in political terms and actually lean a tad conservative in my personal beliefs. However I feel a tad more kin towards liberals as I am rather tolerant of people’s lifestyles and choices – something that does not go over well with the Republican Party. But since I see Democracy as one of the worst scams in man’s history, this is really neither here nor there.

I don’t have anything personally against conservatives in general, however lately I have been reading nothing but pure hatred and lie-infested doublespeak from the right. It has gotten to the point that I am beginning to despise the very though of someone support Bush or this damn war. As a matter of fact, as a even more accusations of prisoner abuse abound I find it difficult to even claim support of the troops over there. I’m sure a lot of them feel like they are doing the right thing and defending out freedom, but more and more I feel like I want no part of any of it… if that even makes sense.

This came up the other day as moronic debates over nuking the entire region started to rise up on the Eagles’ Message Board. It just sickened me. Unfortunately I was then foolish enough to read through some of the Bush – Cheney 2004 LJ Community. After going through many of their postings and comments I came to the realization that most of them were just outright ignorant bastards without an ounce of common sense or the ability to think on their own. It was like reading a debate written by 6 year-olds. I know it’s unfair to judge all Republicans, etc. based on the calibur of discussion that goes on at Livejournal, but it makes it very difficult to tolerate anybody when you hear the type of vitriolic, inane prattle that these hate-mongers spew.

Glad I got that off of my chest. For now I will probably try to avoid any type of political discussions, because if I hear another moron claim that Kerry actually supports Bin Laden, my head might explode. I’m just tired of beng angry…

3 thoughts on “There’s a reason liberals are considered intellectual”

  1. Did you happen to find that thread in my LJ by any chance? :p

    Jen’s told me to stay away from there, since it’s probably bad for my blood pressure… but once in a while I simply can’t resist the urge to point out how utterly stupid some of the “logic” on there is.

    Today’s, there’s a nice, sheepish discussion about how patriotic America really is, who has a flag flying outside their house, and how long they’ve had it up (the benchmark seems to be before/after 9/11, no big surprise there.)

    I forgot who it was that said, “where were your flags on September 10th?” I think that sums it up perfectly.

  2. I’m sure I got to it at least once from your LJ, but I also went back there on my own later on. That was a big mistake. I should just block it through my firewall to make me feel safer.

    Sadly that patriotic discussion sounds like some of the crap on the Eagles board. Another one of those irritating guys started posting about how he knows more about football than anyone else and 99% of Eagles fans are morons. So then he starts all these discussions about who has “betrayed” the team, and were you fan when they were 3-13, etc. I hate pissing matches of all kinds – well, unless it is a real pissing contest. That I actually might wanna see (and after enough beers, participate in 🙂 )

  3. well, unless it is a real pissing contest. That I actually might wanna see (and after enough beers, participate in )

    Speaking of which, aren’t you guys overdue for another party? 😛

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