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It’s that time of the week again. Avert ye eyes if ye hate this stuff. This week I’m… DVR-Blogging it so that the post won’t take me three hours to write. Here we go:

Mikalah is gone! All is right in the world. Well, close enough. Now I can try to be more objective about the others. This week’s theme is the Nineties. That seems too easy for me, but we’ll see where it goes.

Bo “The Remedy” – Ugh, Black Crowes. Not a fan of the song, his first bad choice I’d have to say, but he still sounds great. He’s just too damned good – even a crappy song sounds good when he performs it.

Jessica “On the Side of Angels” – Another not so great song choice, but I really liked her vocals. Although there was one really odd part, but I wasn’t sure if it was her or the song

Anwar “I Believe I Can Fly” – You’re killing me. He’s got one of the best voices, but that opening was weak. Very weak. Randy actually nailed it on this one. The lower part was terrible, but he was able to pull it out with the strong notes at the end. He’s really faltering right now, and it bugs me.

Nadia “I’m the Only One” – Excellent choice. Unfortunately, she came out a little tired in the beginning, almost like she wasn’t warmed up. The second half was much stronger. Either way, clearly better than last week

Constantine “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Sara Jane must be cringing with the horrible hamming it up. The hand through the hair… the bedroom eyes… but the vocals were really good. Definitely one of his stronger outings, but his mannerisms are really getting on my nerves, too.

*** Pardon the Interruption ***
Lisa just wanted to make sure that I mentioned how drunk Paula must be tonight. She’s almost slurring her speech and appears to be falling over everybody. But I do have to add that I think she’s been drunk most weeks, but this time it’s far more noticeable.

Nikko “Can We Talk” – Don’t know the song, and don’t care. Nikko nailed those vocals. Probably the best of the night. The only thing that bothers me is that we’re back to the same old R&B voices winning. I like Nikko, but I want to see something different.

Anthony “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” – Nice kid, decent voice, but he doesn’t do anything for me. If he broke out singing at a party I’d say, “Hey, he’s got a nice voice.” If I saw him up on stage I’d say, “Hey bartender, ‘nother Yuengling.”

Carrie “Independence Day” – Okay, I’m going to be very repetitive these days. Once again, she’s got a really good to great voice and absolutely no stage presence. In the days of radio stars when the only visuals were album covers I might really like her. As is, she always seems scared up there. I don’t get why Simon drools all over her “it” factor.

Scott “One Last Cry” – Thank you Randy and Simon. I was beginning to think I was going crazy here. I dislike Scott, and I thought his vocals were bad. Thanks to the sober judges I know I’m not the only one.

Vonzell “I Have Nothing” – She’s so cute. Seriously, she’s got a sweet personality and it really shines through. Not her best vocals, and she seemed to misstep in a spot or two, but not enough to ruin it. And, as Lisa pointed out (is still pointing out), this was a very difficult song. Vonzell has a habit of picking difficult songs. Hopefully that won’t hurt her down the line.

Overall I’d have to say this week was… well… weak. My money is on Anthony saying bye-bye. The kid just hasn’t made enough fans to support his mediocre performances. I’m fine with it being either him or Scott (my personal choice). Everyone else (at least in my opinion) sounded good enough to warrant another week. Except Paula… She needs some rehab. And how.

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  1. So I wrote something up about this last Wednesday in a fit of mucous and anger, and something happened with the form where it erased everything… so no comments from me this week.

    But Jeff wants Constantine arrested for eye-rape. Skeevy.

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