Signing out

Lisa and I are off to Florida for a few days. Some fun in the sun and good ol’ fashion R ‘n’ R. I don’t know what the Internet situation is down there (quick, someone throw out a “do they have electricity in the South” joke), so there’s a good chance no updates until next week. At that time I will make vague promises of posting pictures that I never get around to. As long as it’s understood, it’ll be easier.

I’m such a junkie, it really does bother me being away from my connection so long. Maybe not having the option will help me to relax…

2 thoughts on “Signing out”

  1. Everybody knows that Florida isn’t the south. Seriously, it may be geographically south, but everybody who lives there is a northeast transplant. Plus all of its history is traced back to the Spanish whereas the rest considers itself of English descent. Southerners don’t want it. No, Florida isn’t the south….

    (though, I can see where you were going with the electricity joke :-P).

  2. Northern FL is south. It’s fucking scary up there – all trailer homes with $50,000 trucks parked next to them.

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