Please be my friend

Until today, my Netflix account boldly proclaimed that I have no friends. This made me sad. Such an overwhelming melancholy sank in that I felt the need to rent even more movies. Movies to watch by myself in my sad friendless world. But that’s all changed today. Now my Netflix account boldly proclaims that Bhavna is my friend. Even better, it asks, “Want another Friend?” which suggests that they can help my social life more than any video store should be able to!

For the better part of the last few years, Netflix has simply worked for me. I barely pay any attention to the account itself. They send me movies, I send them back. They send me movies, and I send them back. And this continues somewhat bizarrely until I remember that’s what I pay them for.

Anywho, in the past few months Netflix has re-vamped their site with a cleaner interface, better navigation, and more options. Suddenly I’m taking notice, and occasionally even watching some of the movies they keep sending me. Today I added my first friend (ok, she’s not my first friend, but the first one I’ve added) onto the corresponding page that allows us to share recommendations, queues, etc. Seems interesting, although I haven’t been able to play around as Bhavna just signed up and hasn’t rated any movies yet. So if anyone out there is also a Netflix junkie, feel free to send me an invite or ask me to send you one.