The command line shall overcome all

Obviously I’ve been dealing with a lot of power issues since yesterday afternoon. Thankfully half of my apartment still has power and that half includes the A/C. Unfortunately we had tied the server’s power into the bedroom circuit way back when, so it took a 6 foot extension cord to get back online. But to be honest, more than half of Hoboken is without power right now, so that fact that I have an Internet connection and my server is running is rather ridiculous.
The power outage managed to blow out the supply of one PC here at work. To get it back online until Micron comes out to fix it I had to use the PS from my desktop system. That means my only usable system right now is the Dimension XPS P133s that acts as our firewall. Since the machine only has 32MB of RAM and a 1.4GB HD, I could not load X Windows. That means that this is my first post ever using the good ol’ text browser Lynx! I’m happy to report that the site actually looks decent in text, and everything appears to work. Yay me!
Last night a bunch of us headed up to Pier A Park and took some pictures of the darkness. I think I got some really cool shots so I look forward to posting them. Lisa and I even headed up to Yvonne’s apartment on the 15th floor and got to see Hoboken from a different vantage point. We could count the number of blocks with power on one hand even as they announced on the news that power had been restored to Hoboken. Needless to say, it wasn’t all back when I woke up and I can only hope for a safe return tonight. I’ll post more details when I get home.


I have to retake lots of tests so I can redo my About Me page. I know that sounds…retarded? Ok, I guess I don’t know how that sounds. Rumaging around various links I came across Quizzila. My first test had me as Mike from SLC Punk! (surprise – the quiz was which character from SLC Punk are you most like! :razz:). I can live with that because Mike was a cool character (although I’ll prolly retake it and be more accurate – I think I could have answered some questions… more accurately (yeah, I’ve got a real way woth words today)). So I check out the popular tests and they have one about which movie you should be in. It even has lots of possible answers – boy am I excited! Then I hit that submit button and out comes:


Thank God I didn’t come out as Fight Club, The Matrix, or even LOTR. I have a funny feeling that all of my quiz results will disappoint. Time to head over to TheSpark so I can figure out my gender again.

the blogging community

I had actually become excited at one point in time to participate (and I mean really participate) in this great big interweb communal thingy. Since then I’ve mainly just been prattling on for no good reason and getting into comment wars with my roommate. So now there’s this stupid BlogShares button on the bottom left of this page as I try to force my way into the Online Elitist Club. Most likely I’m slipping in thru the men’s bathroom window. I’m also pretending that pinging Weblogs.Com will make a difference in my readership. As far as I can tell it’s peaked at 4, and I don’t even know if I want it to increase :???:. Let’s see what adventures this will take me on now…

kill me… please

Just kidding. I’m actually not in as much pain as I expected to be. I’ve got two Advils sitting on my keyboard occupying the spaces between the various lock LEDs just staring at me in case I need them. What it boils down to is some serious work yesterday in the form of moving Lisa downtown and up a narrow flight of steps. It’s only a few blocks and we did almost everything in just one run with the U-Haul, so I can’t really complain. From the U-Haul center, to her old place, to her new place, and back to the center totaled less than 8 miles. Byron, Chris, and Sebastian all helped at her place. And most of her furniture was fairly easy to move, needing 2 people per piece simply because furniture is long and bulky. Then there was the entertainment center…
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and the week goes on

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Almost a whole week has gone by since my last post, and somehow I’m just too busy to do anything. Work isn’t even hard – it’s just trying to co-ordinate lease approvals by Dell with purchase approvals by my boss is driving me crazy. Once this initial order goes in, I swear my life is going to be much better. The challenge for me is spending other people’s money, the actual server config is when I start to have fun.

I got sick of waiting for other upgrades to take place and just grabbed some old crappy Pentium 166 that was behind me and set it up as our new firewall. That shitty Linksys Router will crash no more! The machine is slow, but performs it’s duties admirably. And of course, it’s sitting on my desk with the monitor perched on top of opened tower, and the hard drive balanced precariously on its side next to the machine. It’s intimidating to everybody else who has no clue what I’m doing. I have to say that I’m really enjoying having an open Linux box sitting next to me :smile:. Now if I can just convince them to order my dream administrator monitors I’ll be all set :grin:.

the first domino falls

While most of my friends and I agree on how horribly things in this country are going, we often disagree on where this will all lead and how to best handle it. One major point on which we’ve debated is whether or not Herr Bush II can survive this ordeal. Personally I see his previously teflon-coated armor as not only dented, but basically rusting apart. The primary reasoning for this is that his biggest international supporter and overall pathetic yes-man has far less support in his country. Without Blair, Bush will have trouble garnering even the little amount of support he had for the war in the future. And (as I predicted – oooo, I’m so smart) Blair has come under so much fire that even one of his own party-mates is calling for his resignation based upon the arms inspector suicide scandal. Unlike the whipping boys our media has become (in light of the total lack of evidence to support him, many of the U.S. newspapers still claim that Iraq destroyed the WMDs and refuse to even list the possibility that they were never there), the BBC is outright fighting their government officials.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but the more Bush is discredited the harder it will be for him to accomplish any more of his fascist goals. I truly believe the only chance he has for re-election at this point is the lack of a strong Democratic candidate. The bigger worry is the ongoings of the rest of the GOP as they try to re-write the books to guarantee they get more power. It looks to me like Bush isn’t the one we need to worry about.

local music summary

It’s time for me to catch up with all of the musical happenings this week that I never got around to posting:

Tuesday night was a big night at the Artkore OpenMic because Crewman Number Six introduced their new singer! He’s really not that new, since most of us already know Ross, but it’s really cool to finally hear their songs with lyrics. I love their music – it has some obvious prog metal influences and Mattttt totally rocks it on the gee-tar. I think Ross really adds something to their sound (more than just lyrics) with his sweet and soulful rap-like delivery. He really meshes with CN6’s music in a unique way.
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