kill me… please

Just kidding. I’m actually not in as much pain as I expected to be. I’ve got two Advils sitting on my keyboard occupying the spaces between the various lock LEDs just staring at me in case I need them. What it boils down to is some serious work yesterday in the form of moving Lisa downtown and up a narrow flight of steps. It’s only a few blocks and we did almost everything in just one run with the U-Haul, so I can’t really complain. From the U-Haul center, to her old place, to her new place, and back to the center totaled less than 8 miles. Byron, Chris, and Sebastian all helped at her place. And most of her furniture was fairly easy to move, needing 2 people per piece simply because furniture is long and bulky. Then there was the entertainment center…

It’s really a beautiful piece. It’s made out of real wood and is solid construction (trust me – we tested that :grin:). But that also means that it’s over 6 feet tall and weighs a crapload. Oh yeah, did I mention how narrow the foyer of Lisa’s old place is? We had to take it thru her bedroom to angle it out. After a failed attempt of keeping it on it’s side, I realized it was necessary to back it out, spin it 180 in her bedroom, then slowly stand it up as we pulled it into the foyer. Amazingly that worked! The dolly made it much easier to cart it out and into the truck, except for the first step which the dolly made it down but the cabinet decided to stay behind. Once we arrived at her place everybody just dreaded actually moving it. Brian joined us once we got down there, and we basically carried up everything except the monstrosity to cram into about 650 square feet. I knew we could get it up there stairs, but I was sure there was no way to maneuver it into the apartment. Lisa disagreed.

Bill and Rachel managed to walk down the wrong street at the wrong time and got suckered into helping us. Rachel went for drinks while we all stared down the beast in the middle of the sidewalk. Finally I said we had to try and we quickly got it to the bottom of the stairs. Top first I started yanking it up, with (I think) Brian, Chris, and Bill pushing the bottom. There’s really no easy way to perform this task, and several times I had to yell stop as the center tackled me and pinned me to the stairs. I more or less rushed the last few steps because I couldn’t bare it anymore. We had several failed attempts at twisting and turning this behemoth of wood around a solid bannister which accomplished nothing save several crushing blows to my crotchal region. Then we came up with the idea to remove the doors! Christ, it’s 2 short screws per hinge, why didn’t we think of that earlier?!?! With the wide openings on the top an bottom it was downright easy to lift the bulk above the railing and swivel it around the top of the bannister. A couple pushed and it was in! And there was much rejoicing!

Now it’s up to Lisa to figure out where everything goes and what she can’t keep. Well, I’m sure I’ll be helping with that :grin:. As a bonus we got a couple really great bookcases that shealready knew wouldn’t fit. One has become the new liquor cabinet and the other is holding Mike’s DVDs and some magazines and stuff. They look great.

P.S.(In case you didn’t realize, I kinda have a bad back because of my accident. Thanks to a massage from Lisa last night I’m not in nearly as much pain as I expected. But I am sore and tight all over my upper body.)

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