I have to retake lots of tests so I can redo my About Me page. I know that sounds…retarded? Ok, I guess I don’t know how that sounds. Rumaging around various links I came across Quizzila. My first test had me as Mike from SLC Punk! (surprise – the quiz was which character from SLC Punk are you most like! :razz:). I can live with that because Mike was a cool character (although I’ll prolly retake it and be more accurate – I think I could have answered some questions… more accurately (yeah, I’ve got a real way woth words today)). So I check out the popular tests and they have one about which movie you should be in. It even has lots of possible answers – boy am I excited! Then I hit that submit button and out comes:


Thank God I didn’t come out as Fight Club, The Matrix, or even LOTR. I have a funny feeling that all of my quiz results will disappoint. Time to head over to TheSpark so I can figure out my gender again.

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