the first domino falls

While most of my friends and I agree on how horribly things in this country are going, we often disagree on where this will all lead and how to best handle it. One major point on which we’ve debated is whether or not Herr Bush II can survive this ordeal. Personally I see his previously teflon-coated armor as not only dented, but basically rusting apart. The primary reasoning for this is that his biggest international supporter and overall pathetic yes-man has far less support in his country. Without Blair, Bush will have trouble garnering even the little amount of support he had for the war in the future. And (as I predicted – oooo, I’m so smart) Blair has come under so much fire that even one of his own party-mates is calling for his resignation based upon the arms inspector suicide scandal. Unlike the whipping boys our media has become (in light of the total lack of evidence to support him, many of the U.S. newspapers still claim that Iraq destroyed the WMDs and refuse to even list the possibility that they were never there), the BBC is outright fighting their government officials.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but the more Bush is discredited the harder it will be for him to accomplish any more of his fascist goals. I truly believe the only chance he has for re-election at this point is the lack of a strong Democratic candidate. The bigger worry is the ongoings of the rest of the GOP as they try to re-write the books to guarantee they get more power. It looks to me like Bush isn’t the one we need to worry about.