local music summary

It’s time for me to catch up with all of the musical happenings this week that I never got around to posting:

Tuesday night was a big night at the Artkore OpenMic because Crewman Number Six introduced their new singer! He’s really not that new, since most of us already know Ross, but it’s really cool to finally hear their songs with lyrics. I love their music – it has some obvious prog metal influences and Mattttt totally rocks it on the gee-tar. I think Ross really adds something to their sound (more than just lyrics) with his sweet and soulful rap-like delivery. He really meshes with CN6’s music in a unique way.

Of course Wednesday was an important night because it was Lisa’s first real performance since the whole problem with her voice started lo these many months ago. It was a solo gig at the Frozen Monkey, but they cutely described her as “from Mutual Admiration Society.” It’s actually a bit of a demonstration that this local scene is becoming more and more solidified. She sounded wonderful (as always) and there were only a few spots where the current limitations on her range were apparent (most noticeably on “One”). Nevertheless, she is really getting back in form and was just beautiful (pictures to follow). There was also a tremendous show of support from our friends as a lot of people showed up to cheer her on. Lisa’s been a regular at the OpenMic since early in it’s history and everybody has made it clear that they miss her weekly performances.

As a surprise, my friend Melissa from college also showed up to meet some friends and ended up hanging around for most of the night. It’s even funnier considering Lisa and I met up with her, Samantha, and Jen last Saturday for some drinks. I hadn’t seen Samantha in months, and Melissa even longer, so that was my first opportunity to introduce them to my girl. There was also a lot of good poetry going on and I kinda met this interesting girl at the end of the night. She had some cool work and her website displays artwork that intrigues me, so hopefully she’ll become somewhat regular to these kinds of events.

Just to finish up this little ramble, last night a group of us headed down to see eugene perform at Sinatra Park. It was quite lovely out, and a really great sound that got the crowd into it. Jacleen was on hand to tape some of it almost 2 years after beginning her videos of them at that very same spot. The whole night was sponsored by Court Street Pub, so after dropping off Lisa to get some sleep (and play with the guinea pigs), I met up with everybody for lots o’ Guinness goodeness. And a fun time was had by all.

I’ve really got to start doing this right after shows, otherwise I might just start a weekly report of the local music scene. That’s actually not a bad idea…