how not to compliment someone

muppet at work: the man has a way woth words :-p
nonVoid: it’s impressive how you misspelled such a simple word while complementing another’s ability to write
nonVoid: or was that wookie speak?
muppet at work: doh

muppet at work: it’s, um… slurred. yea
muppet at work: i type in slur when I’m tired.

3 thoughts on “how not to compliment someone”

  1. Sigh…

    ComplEment: to go together with, or complete something.

    ComplIment: to give praise to someone/something.

    Nice work Thom :p

  2. Dammit, of course you catch me when I’m distracted and don’t bother spellchecking. I fixed the title, but the quote must stay the same. At least I used a real word!

  3. Dude…spellchecking wouldn’t have worked since ‘complement’ is a word!

    Unless you mean manually re-reading it before posting, which I imagine you do. Couldn’t help the wiseass remark, in any case :p

    But whatever. It’s all Mark’s fault anyway.

    A woth? Sounds like a type of bat. Maybe in inhabits the same forest region as the craptacualr. 🙂

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