The command line shall overcome all

Obviously I’ve been dealing with a lot of power issues since yesterday afternoon. Thankfully half of my apartment still has power and that half includes the A/C. Unfortunately we had tied the server’s power into the bedroom circuit way back when, so it took a 6 foot extension cord to get back online. But to be honest, more than half of Hoboken is without power right now, so that fact that I have an Internet connection and my server is running is rather ridiculous.
The power outage managed to blow out the supply of one PC here at work. To get it back online until Micron comes out to fix it I had to use the PS from my desktop system. That means my only usable system right now is the Dimension XPS P133s that acts as our firewall. Since the machine only has 32MB of RAM and a 1.4GB HD, I could not load X Windows. That means that this is my first post ever using the good ol’ text browser Lynx! I’m happy to report that the site actually looks decent in text, and everything appears to work. Yay me!
Last night a bunch of us headed up to Pier A Park and took some pictures of the darkness. I think I got some really cool shots so I look forward to posting them. Lisa and I even headed up to Yvonne’s apartment on the 15th floor and got to see Hoboken from a different vantage point. We could count the number of blocks with power on one hand even as they announced on the news that power had been restored to Hoboken. Needless to say, it wasn’t all back when I woke up and I can only hope for a safe return tonight. I’ll post more details when I get home.