Server my server

Just a quick offer for friends of mine thinking about starting a website or looking for something to do with their domains. Currently this site runs as part of a shared reseller package with my host. I’ve got a section of their server, and I divvy it up amongst my domains and and some others. But it’s still not completely utilized.

I’ve already mentioned to a couple of you that if you want some room, I can set you up with some server space for your site for a nominal fee. This is really meant to be a friendly offer, I’m not interested in trying to start a business here. It just seems like the easiest way to offset some of my own costs and improve services for myself and anyone interested.

So if you are interested, let me know and we’ll talk about it.

One thought on “Server my server”

  1. This week is going to be crap, but I’m definitely interested. If I get a few minutes during one of these days I can hopefully shoot you an email or something. Or email me the details during the week sometime, if you get the chance 🙂

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