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I hope everybody got the right music there in their heads, I really wasn’t sure how to write that. Anywho, before tonight’s cuts on American Idol (at least before we watch them) I wanted to make a few comments about this week’s performances. So those who don’t care, move along. Nothing to see here. For the rest of you…

What can I say, after a lackluster start, the guys have really proven that the majority of talent is on their side. There’s one, maybe two girls that I feel could compete with the top males. And it all really boils down to one question thus far: Can anyone even compete with Bo?

I’m not going to do a full breakdown of performances, but I will make a few picks. Thus far the worst performers (IMNSHO) have not been voted off, but I haven’t really shed any tears for those left behind, yet. This week things start to change. I’ve got much stronger feelings about those who need to stay and those who need to go.

For the guys, it’s easy to pick out the top two talents (Bo and Anwar). These guys are great singers, great performers, great personalities, etc. They must remain for awhile, or the shoe will be a joke. After them, you’ve Nikko, who made a strong case this week and appears to be building steam. Anthony and Mario both have really good voices, but have yet to make a statement performance. But they should still be around.

That leaves us with Travis, Constantine, and Scott. Travis is a real nice guy, and fun. But he’s just not up to snuff. His voice isn’t strong enough to go with his stage presence. From the start I really liked Constantine and was pulling for him, but he’s done nothing but disappoint me each week. It’s beyond song choice – he’s better off going back to his band. I will admit to disliking Scott from the start – he crapped on his teammates early on, and showed arrogance in any interviews. And now he’s showing that his voice, although decent in quality, lacks any real strength. Two of these three must leave now – I’d be fine if all three were voted off.

The girls are so much harder at this point. Nadia is about the only one that really stands out as a threat to the guys. Vonzell has a great voice, but hasn’t done much with it while Amanda’s stage presence doesn’t make up for her less than stellar voice. Jessica and Carrie have been way too inconsistent for me to have any stock in them. And Lindsey… dear sweet Lindsey… girl you’ve got a sultry voice, use it!

That leaves us with Janay and *shudder* Mikalah. Both are bad. Just plain bad. They aren’t bad like the three bottom guys who are underperforming. No no no – they are just bad. Please, America, perform your civil duty and vote them off!

UPDATE: Ugh. It came down to all four people that I most wanted gone (I’ll let Constantine slide) were in the last six people. Yet only two of them were voted off. I already told Lisa I won’t watch the show again until Mikalah is off. It’s terrible that Anthony, Scott, and Constantine were all voted over a quality singer like Nikko. I can’t believe how quickly the average American’s horrible taste reared it’s ugly head.

But at this point I can barely tolerate the worst part of the show: Randy. I try not to curse on this site, but the man is an absolute fucking moron. He doesn’t know a damn thing about music, and he speaks at about a sixth grade level. It’s embarassing to watch this man on TV and know that he’s being paid way too much for barely being able to string a whole sentence together while pretending to have a coherent thought. And guess what, Randy? You have no fucking clue what the term pitchy means, so stop using it after every performer.

So much for my attempt to do weekly updates on the subject.

3 thoughts on “American Idol – The Final Twelve”

  1. I’m pretty happy about the whole Nikko/Mario switch that went on. I never saw what was that impressive about Tony Shaloub’s Mini Me in the first place, considering he repeatedly went sharp on his performances and never got called out for it, was pimped out the wazoo by 19E, and they were turning people down in auditions because they weren’t “hispanic males” so the whole thing turned me off to him.

    Mikhala’s sticking around for a while, I can nearly guarantee it. She’s got the fanbase even though she lacks the talent, thanks to the overpimping that she received in the preliminary shows.

  2. I’m more likely to watch again thanks to that switch. Mario was a solid performer, but just didn’t do anything interesting. I told Lisa that he was likely to make an early exit because he’d have a really bad performance before he had a really good one. I’m happier with Nikko in his place, although Scott and Constantine better be next (Lisa is still holding out hope for Constantine).

    I’m still pissed about Mikalah, so we’ll see how long she sticks around. Last year was seriously tainted even though Fantasia won because the rest of the final three was an embarrassment. Jasmine sucked and Diana was adequate at best. I know Mikalah has her stupid fans, I just hope that they get outnumbered sooner rather than later.

  3. Constantine makes me want to shower. He’s one of the suckiest sucks that has ever sucked, and if he butchers another one of my favorite songs, I may end up throwing something through the tv. And he needs Whitestrips, badly.

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