The New Me

!@(images/thenewme1.jpg:R popimg: “I am so GQ”)Not so much the new me, but rather the new look for me. It’s not even really a new look, as much as it’s a cleaned up, slightly repackaged look. It all started with going crazy at some Macy’s sales – now my closet is brimming with dozens of nice shirts. Rather than just buying everything willy-nilly, I really focused on how I wanted to look. And I really like my wardrobe now. To top it off, I got a haricut on Saturday, and then finally headed to the eye doctor for my first checkup in… three years. Yeah, I know. Brian Regan would be so proud. This week I’m trying out new contact lenses, and hopefully on Wednesday my snazzy new specs will be in. ARMANI! Hey, I’ve been wearing the same pair for around 6 or years now, it’s time I spent some money on my eye.

!@(images/thenewgetup.jpg:L popimg: “Sportin’ the 50mm”)Of course, that wasn’t my only spending on optics. Lisa was able to locate the lens I wanted, and much to my delight it was waiting for me when I returned from some drunken revilry with Joseph. Ok, maybe not drunken, but we did enjoy some quality time at one of our usual haunts. Anywho, time and sobriety mattered not once I saw the opportunity to start playing around. It will take some getting used to, but this lens should really open up some much more casual shootings options for me.

Lisa and I experimented with taking various “candid” shots of each other. Suddenly this is becoming such an ego blog.

!@(images/me50mm.jpg:N popimg: “What can I say? This is one cool photo”) !@(images/lisa50mm.jpg:N popimg: “Tough choice picking out just one of her”) !@(images/cutiepie.jpg:N popimg: “The closest thing to a decent couple shot I could manage”)

And since I don’t want Jessie to become jealous of all of Teddy’s “face time,” here’s one of his test shots:
!@(images/jessieluv.jpg:N450 popimg: “Giving Jessie sum luv”)

3 thoughts on “The New Me”

  1. Cool deal with the camera. And that last photo of Jessie is simply adorable 🙂

  2. Jessie just looks like he has sooo much character in that shot, so cute! (Not to say that Teddy doesn’t – he just looks much more like the laid back type

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