I can see clearly now

!@(images/newglasses.jpg popimg: “Check out the awesome case”)…the blur is gone. No, seriously, the new glasses were ready last night. Of course the hellish ice storm that locked down half of the highways around here prevented me from picking them up. I did, however, pick up one juicy steak with a couple co-workers. So the sheer danger of the evening did not ruin all. Wait, I was talking about my glasses, wasn’t I?

!@(images/armanib0i.jpg:R100 popimg: “The consumer whore look is in”)They’re Armani. I probably mentioned that before, but it deserves mentioning again. I am such a consumer whore. But they’re so cool looking. The legs are cylindrical. And comfortable. They’re so freakin’ light it’s amazing. I swear my old pair must have weighed a pound.

!@(images/glasseshistory.jpg:L100 popimg: “The march to tiny specs”)I found another old pair of mine, and it’s humorous to see the change in styles. You have to realize that the first pair is probably from around ’94 or so. They seem HUGE now. And oddly, both of my old pairs had the tip of the left leg broken off. Weird. I’ll keep the last ones as a spare, but the others will be donated.

One thought on “I can see clearly now”

  1. Lookin’ good Homestar! Seriously, the glasses are slick. Just swung by to check on how you’re doing. Looks like you’re doing well. Like, Mr. Extreme Makeover, and stuff. Ok, so not so extreme. I’ll check back in a few weeks to see if the look’s held — or if you’ve lapsed into jeans and concert T-shirts from 80s hair bands. That would rock so hard.

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