As a follow-up to my rant on reviewers I would just like to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the reviews for the movie Frequency. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie when I first saw it and have a tendency to leave it on when I flip by on cable. It’s a touching story about a man who is “reunited” with his dead father through an old ham radio set (with some help from the Northern Lights). There’s a whole crime/thriller plot that takes place, which I think really helps to bring together the whole storyline and keeps you interested long after the initial introductions take place 🙂

It’s nice to see a film like that receive some honest praise. Flipping thru the comments I found very few (maybe 1 out of 20) that had anything bad to say. Out of over 200 comments on only 10 gave 1 or 2 stars. And actually only 16 more gave it 3! This is by no means a top 5 film. It doesn’t deserve an Oscar or anything like that. But it is certainly enjoyable, and very well-made. I definitely recommend it.