Stupid file-sharers

There are too many morons on the ‘net. I’m sure everybody has figured that out on their own, but sometimes I get a harsh reminder. I’ll go off on all the “anti-leachers” later, but right now I’m in the middle of an argument with some idiot on WinMX. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a log of it all, so I can only paraphrase. It went something like this (obviously I’m indieb0i):

uploading=faster – do you want to trade for the files I’m getting from you?
uploading=faster – ooooooooh. you don’t share. then you’re cancelled.
indieb0i – uh, i share over 100gigs. so you and your little mp3 collection can just go elsewhere.
uploading=faster – “I rarely trade, so it’s doubtful that I’ll start you no matter how much you bug me.” that’s what your message says.
uploading=faster – so you won’t be getting those songs from me.
indieb0i – i don’t TRADE shithead. i SHARE over 100gigs that anyone else is free to queue up and d/l from me. i have no interest in any of your files, so i’m not trying for any of them. learn a little about filesharing before you act like you know anything.
uploading=faster – you’re not getting anything because i cancelled your 3 downloads.
indieb0i – well, since you’re not sharing anything worthwhile, i’m not trying to get any of them. you probably bumped the wrong user.
uploading=faster – so your name just came out of thin air?
indieb0i – guess so. i’m d/l’ing 9 files and they’re all movies. don’t ask me what you did wrong.
uploading=faster – the name glassjaw ring any bells?
indieb0i – nope

At this point, I think he finally got the message that he screwed up. I have a simple auto-responder on WinMX that tells people I rarely trade on WinMX, but if they’re serious about it they can leave their AIM nick or e-mail and I’ll get back to them. Some people don’t bother after readin it, some leave contact info, but some actually get upset. I actually had some guy respond “why should I leave you my e-mail address?” Well, if you really want the file and don’t feel like sitting in my queue, that’s what you do.

Alright, I’ll take a break from that rant… for now.

“Please, not in front of the children. They look up to me.”
“They’re small, they look up to everyone.”
– Rita Wilson and Greg Kinnear Autofocus