And away we go

Well, it’s almost 5pm, so it’s time that I start getting ready to head out with Lisa for our weekend trip to Niagara Falls! Just kidding, I’m almost ready. But it’s not like I started before 2 this afternoon. Actually, at lunch time I decided I would finally head out to get my car’s oil changed. Excellent timing – every road I was on seemed to have massive slow downs. They even had a sign up before the Willow Street bridge saying that work was going to start on the 16th and to expect delays. Of course since the sign was about 10 feet in front of the bridge and I had been sitting in traffic for 20 minutes already, I was pretty set for that delay. At least Magic Touch was the fastest lube job I ever had (now doesn’t that sound dirty). Of course, they don’t bother with all those extra things that Jiffy Lube does: “Would you like your spark plugs rotated?” “Steering wheel waxed?” “We’re running a special this month – $79.95 to have sugar put in your gas tank and boost your car’s energy – you interested?” They’re not really that bad, but I’m an idiot. Some grease monkey tells me that it’s gonna cost 200 bucks to re-seal my odometer and I’ll fall for it. Not really his fault – I’m just a different sort of geek.

As a side note, I’m also watching a workprint I downloaded of The Hulk. Yeah, I’m shameless. Anywho, it actually doesn’t look that bad. I think (read: hope) this is before they re-did the special effects they previewed earlier of Shrek 2: This Time He’s Pissed. The movie itself is slow, but interesting – it’s still the special effects which are questionable at best. And to be honest, I still don’t get the rabid poodle thing. But maybe I’m saying this to you before I should. Oh well… See ya when I get back.