What time is it?

Either they got bigger cups, or the coffee machine is getting stingy with me. The funny thing is that I’m not even all that tired, yet I still need my caffeine fix. Amazing how quickly that addiction sets in. I went without for a whole day, and now on Friday I’m using the excuse that I should be tired so that I can have my precious mochaccino. And let’s face it, I should be tired. We didn’t get back until almost 4 am, and I still left for work earlier than yesterday. Let’s go thru a quick recount of last night’s activities:

I met up with Mike at Virgin MegaStore (the one in Union Square). They’ve got this whole $10 deal on hundreds of DVDs and CDs. After a good 40 minutes or so of looking and debating we both made our purchasing decisions. Then I changed my mind again and actually bought everything anyway ­čÖé . Overall I think I did rather well. This morning I got to listen to the remastered Off the Wall (by Michael Jackson – DUH!), and on my way home it will be either Cat Stevens or Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits. As for movies, that took a lot more effort to keep it minimal. I ended up with Darkman (Sam Raimi directs like no one else), Blood Simple (incredible thriller by the Two-Headed Director), Killing Zoe (a violent indie flick that appeals to me for some strange reason), ┬íThree Amigos! (too many quotes to list), Benny & Joon (hey, I love Johnny Depp), Romancing the Stone (classic 80’s fun), The Apartment (simply one of the greated films of all time), and Some Like It Hot (possibly the best comedy ever). Maybe I’ll go more into them later.

With our booty in hand (that means treasure you guys), Mike and I headed over to the Korova Milkbar on Avenue A. There we met Becka (sp?), Joseph, and Heather (the birthday girl). From there the night spiraled into lot’s of drinking and dancing and changing of tires! The Korova specializes in very candy-like mixed drinks (like Chocolate Martinis or Korova Feenies) that go down just oh so smooth. And the goth/industrial was just plain fun (largely provided by Joseph). Soon Catherine showed up, and we all had a good time talking and laughing and sorta dancing (damn cabaret licenses).

But the night was moving on, and so did we. There was a brief stop over at a restaurant for dessert, at which point Dan calls to inform us he has a flat. indieb0i to the rescue! Damn, those lugnuts were hot! Nevertheless, our combined efforts resulted in a full-size spare occupying the once downtrodden front left tire well. With my manhood boosted (yuk) everybody headed towards the Pyramid for mucho New Wave and Synthpop!

People were coming and going and at this point we had lost Becka and Catherine, but gained Meredith, Richard, and his…uh…friend. Drinks all around and much thrashing ensued! There will be pictures soon so you may all see my (failed) attempts to capture Heather in a fully-extended kick. And possibly a few random crowd shots that show the bizarre assortment of individuals that parade around these clubs – since Lisa couldn’t make the evening due to band rehearsal I was forced to oggle other women and occasionally hit on Richard. Hours…maybe days…passed and we were all giddy, tired, and just to the right of sober. To the Dan-mobile! Hmm, that’s an awful lot of crap on your backseat Dan, let’s move it to the trunk where it belongs. Ok, now where are the keys?!?! While Joseph didn’t think it was all that funny, Dan dropped the keys in the tunk before closing it. I mean, it sucks, but it’s still funny.

So we headed to the PATH (it was a close race between 3 people in a taxi and the other 3 of us walking) for a rather groggy trip home. The night ended with some CVS and Dunkin Donuts goodness nestled amongst debate over my arch-nemesis Avril Lavigne (humorous side note: that site says the group was mentioned in the Bucks County Courier Times, which I delievered papers for when I was a kid). After munching chips and watching old music videos, Mike and I called it a night so that I could get 4 hours of sleep. Almost as much fun as Heather’s bash last year!