Is the reign soon to end?

Stories are coming out all over the place about the lies that Bush and his cohorts told us in order to start the war. It’s become painfully obvious that they wanted Hussein out, and were willing to take any and all steps necessary to convince us that it was right. Sure, they could have simply said what a lousy leader he was and how much his people suffered under his rule, but then there would be another 20 or 30 countries waiting in line to be freed from oppressive governments. Now they’re going back even further, and all of the little conspiracy theorists (myself included) will be happy to see that newspapers are calling the government out for having ignored information that could have prevented 9/11.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. I’m beginning to fear that all of the backlash will be directed away from the White House and hit the FBI and the CIA. And I actually do believe that those organizations did their jobs, but simply altered the output to make Herr Bush happy. Not that I excuse their behavior – on the contrary, I believe they should be held accountable – it’s just that they were not the real motivation for our invasive militaristic activities of late. Nor were they the sole “lapse in security” that allowed 9/11 to occur. Bush is vulnerable right now, and the Democratic party needs to exploit that, not only for the next election, but to get that pretender-to-the-crown out of power now!

And I’m not a Democrat. Hell, I’m not technically even a liberal. I have an assorted set of beliefs that often point to Libertarianism but mainly just make me laugh at the concept of Democracy. I think both major parties are horrible misrepresentations of the people’s voice. However, I will take the failings of the Democratic Party over the war-mongering of the Republican Party anyday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Al Gore might not have made a great president, but there is not a single doubt in my mind that if he had not had the election illegally taken from him, I would still see the Twin Towers every time I look accross the Hudson.