Margaret is cool

So there’s this older woman at work named Margaret. By older, I mean pure white hair and not really up on the times. She’s a real sweet woman, and takes care of the lab. We started talking this morning over a piece of cake (leftovers from the party yesterday 🙂 ) and she asked me if I knew the names of a lot of rock bands. I confessed that I did, so she told me about how she met this group of musicians at the laundromat and they were going to play in NYC. I figured it was probably a local group, but then she said the name was something like Buckwheat. Turns out it was Buckwheat Zydeco, a really awesome zydeco band (zydeco is a highly energetic form of New Orleans Jazz based on the accordian). It was very cool, because I’m probably the only person in the building she could have said that to and would know who she was talking about. I used to see them every year at the Jambalaya Jam down in Philly. She said they were really nice guys and even helped her out to her car with her laundry!