This time for real

I noticed some broken features in WordPress yesterday after proclaiming the mightiness of my recovery. Before I could even begin singing the songs of my own praise and recording the historical records for future generations little errors began creeping into my view. Today I hoisted back onto my trusty steed and ventured into the very belly of the database to determine what went wrong. Funny thing, that backup also included drop statements. For those who are unclear as to what I speak (myself included), the backup of my SQL database first deleted then re-added the tables, and then inserted all the data. That meant I was still using the old db structure, thus breaking the beauty that was 0.72 beta 1.

Anywho, I wrestled for a while recreating and deleting my site, until I finally noted all of the problems that my backup from the previous version was causing. After correcting all of those differences the import was a cinch, and was back online. The gallery was even easier. I simply installed the latest RC from Gallery, and then copied my old album directories into it. I almost wanted to cry seeing how easily it accepted and upgrade all 37 galleries and 891 pictures I have up so far. So many people have started checking it out that the timing couldn’t have been worse. I want to get more pictures of my family up since I’ll actually be home this weekend. Oh yeah, the GeoInfo stuff should work now, so I simply have to figure out how to use it on the page… maybe I should be doing some real work though… nah!