I am defined

So I was just poking around Google, doin’ my whole “let’s see where I am on the net” thing. I spell my first name with an ‘h’, but I did a quick check with ‘Tom Slattery‘ and the top links are still the CS guy from Arizona, an odd writer who discusses public housing and pornography, and of course the one who sells Flying Squrrels. Since one of my primary curiosities is whether or not old friends/acquaintances could find me I went with ‘Thomas Slattery‘ next. Much to my surprise, the top link is a definition for my name in a slang dictionary. Personally I don’t think the definition really fits:

One that has a long face and is very very arrogant about picking girls (that are ugly) and about his sport and well being.

I just don’t think my face is that long.

P.S.(After poking around a bit it appears that a few guys were posting various definitions for each others’ names on the site. I still find it odd that mine came up and it’s number one on Google.)

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  1. Damn, you’re right – I looked up “Andrew Mitchell” and “Socially Indestructable Kid”, but neither came up with your site. Finally I did “unluckytab” and at least your DiaryLand page showed up (although it’s password protected. But nothing seems to point to your LiveJournal account. Perhaps this comment will help change all of that!

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